22/6/22 – It is easy to miss the start of the Monk’s Wall after Pluck’s Gutter and end up in a field of crops. You should look out for two parallel hedges to your right as you follow the track away from the road. The path passes directly between them, indistinct at first. A mile later, where the path turns back down towards the river it is very overgrown. You may find it easier to follow the field edge, returning up to the path only to cross drainage ditches.

15/6/2022 – There is now a pilgrim stamp at St Catherine’s, Kingsdown

15/6/2022 – As usual at this time of year there are some places where the path is a little overgrown (long trousers are recommended) and some where it has been planted over. The first place to note is at Coldharbour, just after Cold Blow Farm. The path has once again been planted with maize, however this year if you keep to the fence on your right until it ends and then take a sharp left turn up to the bushes before returning to your original direction, you will find that you can pass around the crop to the stile in the hedge. Just after Little Scragged Oak Farm the path has also been planted with maize. The direction across the field is in line with the tree in the middle of the crop. The detour through the wood at Kingsdown (see below) is relatively clear this year with only a small section which is overhung with branches but passable. Finally, the path after St Catherine’s is very overgrown but also passable. We have also had reports of the path along the railway before St Augustine’s Cross being overgrown but passable.

31/10/2021 – There are two places where there are currently difficulties on the path; the first is between Milstead and St Catherine’s at Kingsdown. The path avoids the road by taking a detour through a wood to the left. This is currently very overgrown after coppicing meaning that the lane is a better bet. Please be careful as some cars are driven without due care along this lane. The second is along the Abbot’s Wall after Pluck’s Gutter. Take care to find the start of the “wall” to the right of the track about 50 yards from the road. It looks overgrown at first but is easily passable. There is a locked gate after a few hundred yards which can be passed to the right.

27/10/2021 – The new website for the Catholic Archdiocese of Southwark includes a page describing the Shrines in the Diocese – all of which can be visited along the Augustine Camino (by starting at Southwark Cathedral and taking the train from London Bridge to Rochester on the morning of Day One) Southwark Shrines: Archdiocese of Southwark (rcsouthwark.co.uk)

16/10/2021 – New pilgrim stamp at the Beheading of John the Baptist in Doddington (in the priests lectern below the pulpit)