31/10/2021 – There are two places where there are currently difficulties on the path; the first is between Milstead and St Catherine’s at Kingsdown. The path avoids the road by taking a detour through a wood to the left. This is currently very overgrown after coppicing meaning that the lane is a better bet. Please be careful as some cars are driven without due care along this lane. The second is along the Abbot’s Wall after Pluck’s Gutter. Take care to find the start of the “wall” to the right of the track about 50 yards from the road. It looks overgrown at first but is easily passable. There is a locked gate after a few hundred yards which can be passed to the right.

27/10/2021 – The new website for the Catholic Archdiocese of Southwark includes a page describing the Shrines in the Diocese – all of which can be visited along the Augustine Camino (by starting at Southwark Cathedral and taking the train from London Bridge to Rochester on the morning of Day One) Southwark Shrines: Archdiocese of Southwark (rcsouthwark.co.uk)

16/10/2021 – New pilgrim stamp at the Beheading of John the Baptist in Doddington (in the priests lectern below the pulpit)