Compostela and Pilgrim Stamps

From Easter 2020 it is possible to obtain a Compostela (certificate of completion) for the Augustine Camino. The rules are similar to those for Santiago ie you must walk at least 100km (the length of the Augustine Camino) and collect at least seven pilgrim stamps (roughly one for each leg of the walk). The Compostela will be available from St Augustine’s in Ramsgate for a small fee. Due to Coronavirus disruption the rules for obtaining a Compostela have been relaxed.

Where to collect your stamps:-

Rochester to Aylesford

Rochester Cathedral (welcome desk) and Aylesford Priory (reception)

Aylesford to Cold Blow

St Mary and All Saints Boxley (next to the visitor book) and the Black Horse Thurnham (hotel reception)

Cold Blow to Doddington

Palace Farm campsite (reception).

Doddington to Faversham

Shrine of St Jude Faversham (shrine office)

Faversham to Canterbury

St Dunstan’s Canterbury (by the visitor book) and Canterbury Cathedral (Welcome centre next to the Cathedral Gate)

Canterbury to Stodmarsh

St Martin’s Canterbury (by the visitor book) and St Mary’s Fordwich (in a niche on the left hand wall as you walk in)

Stodmarsh to Ramsgate

St Mary the Virgin Minster (by the visitor book), Minster Abbey (ask the nuns), St Augustine’s Ramsgate