Booking Services

Book in confidence – accommodation bookings, pilgrim welcomes and baggage transfers can usually be postponed or cancelled free of charge up to the week before departure.  The £20 per person per day booking fees are non refundable.

Accommodation booking, pilgrim welcomes and itinerary planning

For £20 per person per day we

  • Book you the best accommodation closest to the route at our low negotiated rates (you should budget an average of £15 per person per night for camping, £20 per person per night for bunk beds (groups only), £45 pppn for shared rooms in hotels and £80 pppn for single occupancy depending on availability)
  • Book pilgrim welcomes at Rochester Cathedral, Canterbury Cathedral, St Martin’s Canterbury and St Augustine’s Ramsgate (these can include a blessing or prayer but do not have to)
  • Set up a WhatsApp group for your pilgrimage to post all your important times and places day by day

Baggage Transfers (for those using the accommodation booking service)

£20 per person per day (minimum 2) for one medium sized bag per person.

We recommend that you buy a guidebook each in which to collect pilgrim stamps for your Compostela (certificate of completion) Guidebook – Augustine Camino, Compostela and Pilgrim Stamps – Augustine Camino

We also recommend that you request our free GPX file and use it with a navigation App (such as GuruMaps which is available for your phone).  This is particularly useful for finding the path through woodland or where the way has been ploughed up (which happens from time to time) GPX Files – Augustine Camino