Guided Tours and Special Events

Guided tour of the full route – Thursday 26th August to Wednesday 1st September 2021 – £35 per person per day plus accommodation, food and travel.

Join Andrew Kelly, founder of the Augustine Camino, on a week long pilgrimage from Rochester Cathedral to the Shrine of St Augustine in Ramsgate. Andrew is a born tour guide with an unrivalled knowledge of the Augustine Camino and the cultural significance of the places visited. He will answer questions such as:

  • Who is St Augustine and why is he significant?
  • Why is what happened in Kent of Global significance?
  • Who are the greatest female saints along the route?
  • What did medieval pilgrims do?: pilgrimage, penance, purgatory, indulgences, healing and veneration
  • What is the link between Rochester Cathedral and Macbeth?
  • Why do we write English using Roman letters?
  • What is the Brown Scapular?
  • What is the difference between a friar and a monk?
  • Why are there so many churches dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul?
  • What happened in Kent during the Reformation?
  • Why do most churches have pointy windows?
  • What did the Vikings do in Kent?
  • Why are there walls around Canterbury?
  • Which Archbishops of Canterbury were martyred?
  • What are the Shrines along the Augustine Camino?
  • What about Thomas More and Thomas Becket?
  • Who designed Big Ben?
  • Who are the Saxon Princess Saints?
  • What did the Holy Orders do?

An exhibition of art inspired by the Augustine Camino and Chartham Vineyard (Burnt House Farm, Station Road, Chartham, Canterbury CT4 7HU) on Saturdays 24th October and 31st October 2020 10.30am to 5.30pm.

By the Creative Pilgrimage – seven local artists working in a variety of media.

The pilgrims are: Liz Garnett, Alexandra Le Rossignol, Sonia McNally, Fiona Taylor, Bay Lees, Marion Lynn and Caroline Hymers. They have walked through the winter months from November 2019 to March 2020 experiencing the seasonal changes in the landscape and nature. Visiting Christian places of worship along the route has inspired their art. Rain and wind has not prevented them walking.