About Us


Paula and Andrew Kelly live in Ramsgate with their two children.  Paula is an Anglican and Andrew a Catholic.  They are also enthusiastic ramblers, such that they even spent their honeymoon walking the Offa’s Dyke National Trail.


Andrew has wanted to create a long distance walk ever since completing Wainwright’s Coast to Coast in the 1980’s.  Living in Kent, surrounded by reminders of our Christian past, a pilgrimage route easily recommended itself.


It soon became obvious that there is as much to celebrate in our Christian present in Kent and it is intermingled with the past in surprising ways.  We have the Carmelites who have returned to their ancient home at Aylesford, the Benedictines who have re-established Minster Abbey, long ago raided by Vikings and of course St Augustine’s in Ramsgate, one of the most important churches of the Gothic revival and Shrine of the Apostle to the English.  The Augustine Camino links these living communities with grand cathedrals and humble village churches connecting an extraordinary past with a vibrant present.


Creating the Camino has been a real delight.  We hope you enjoy walking it as much as we do.